Company Profile

Mission Statement  :
“We will relentlessly focus on building high-quality customer relations by providing superior products, promoting dynamic teamwork and maintaining a well-trained, committed workforce solutions .”

Synel MLL Payway is one of the leading companies world-wide in visitor and workforce solutions and workforce management. It provides systemic solutions via advanced technologies, including hardware and software for overall management of attendance HR, payroll, access control,  CCTV and recording systems.

Our hardware and software solution package was developed by Synel MLL Payway and may be implemented by modules, designed to operate as an integrative system for the organization as a whole. The customer thus received a comprehensive solution for the various employee and visitor activities.

Synel MLL Payway was founded in 1990 for the development and production of pioneering electronic reporting systems.

Synel MLL Payway operates in Israel as well as world-wide and is renowned for its technologically innovativeness and service quality for thousands of customers.

Synel’s software and hardware workforce solutions are at the forefront of technology and faithfully serve millions of employees locally and globally, using our systems daily for reporting attendance and other activities.

Synel MLL Payway exports its systems abroad via subsidiaries in the U.S, England, France, and Sweden as well as agents and business partners representing the company in South America, Asia, Europe and Africa.

As an international company Synel MLL Payway acts in compliance with international standards, and receives ISO 9001 certification. Our hardware products received CE, TUV and UL certification. We are technological partners of Oracle and were certified as Microsoft’s gold partner.

Synel MLL Payway operates a customer support center for customers in Israel and abroad. It employs approx. 70 professional and skilled personnel. Service calls and managed via an advanced CRM system. The company operates under SLAs (Service-level agreement) – an integral part of the service agreements contracted with our customers.

Synel MLL Payway is committed to develop and market easy-to-use and quality products while maintaining a friendly working environment for end-users.

Synel MLL Payway conducts itself in full transperancy and professionalism in all actions and collaborations with business partners, suppliers and customers without compromising strict quality and excellence of service.

Synel MLL Payway is striving for continuous development and growth in Israel and abroad and for continued leadership in technology as a supplier of quality solutions in competing prices.

Synel MLL Payway is a publically traded company (TASE) as of July 2000.