Access Control System: HARMONY

HARMONY’s Access Control System consists of a monitoring interface via CCTV, swiping of employee card and synchronization of maps and active visitors (in mid-size or large organizations). The access control system is a powerful tool for employees’ management and work area.

HARMONY’s access control system enables access restriction to defined areas, real time display of an individual of his exact location, and report generation of the location and movement of an individual for security purposes.

Harmony Access Control module provides:

  •  Limiting access permissions to physical areas/time zones/employee population
  •  Internet interface for inviting visitors
  •  Burglar/open door alerts
  •  Visitor reports
  •  Graphic displays of events
  •  Specifying unlimited number of security groups per employee
  •  Online display of areas by events
  •  Notifications on alerts via e-mail and push messages
  •  Alerts screen allows event management according to pre-defined alerts
  •  Predefined access control and event alerts
  •  Open parking using a Smartphone

Visitor’s module

Preparation for planned visits and on-line guests search, visitors access and security management.

Temporary visitor’s can get access permission according to the guests participate plan and schedule, as well as setting all staff to take care of the guests and the management visits.


  • Providing information about potential guest over the network or website
  • Permissions are carried out by a security officers
  • Guest authorization may be made by the reception
  • Guest Biometric information if necessary
  • Guest Access reports


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