Attendance Management System

HARMONY’s attendance management system is a comprehensive tool allowing precision & efficiency in attendance & absence management and transferring data to payroll department.

SYNEL’s Attendance Management System enables collection of all attendance reporting according to fixed or incidental work rules, and calculation of hours worked in real-time for wage payments.

This system also allows inter-departmental flexibility during a workday and obtain costs with cost centers.

Our Attendance Management System is completely online and enables real-time data display of employee attendance or absence.

Today small, medium and big organizations time management system demands more features and full integration with different software within the organization. In the past, most of the Attendance Management System was installed at the local PC station of the account manager, today the Attendance Management System is installed on the local organization server and therefore it became easier to share the organization database with other managers and integration with other software’s such as HR and Pay role

Synel’s Attendance Management System is designed as a modular system with many modules for each of the organization requirements, for example Access Control and human resources.

The Harmony Attendance Management System  includes the following modules:

  •  Time & Attendance
  •  Access Control
  •  Automatic computer shut off
  •  Meals management
  • e-Harmony – Web Reporting
  •  Cost Center Allocation
  •  Visitors
  •  Guard & Employee’s Photo
  •  Facility Management
  •  Card Printing
  • Harmony Smartphone
  • Harmony Cloud


Harmony  developed by Synel – the “all under one roof” solution – to give managers the ability to check and control employees activities in the organization, from attendance and production, to access control and human resources.


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