Attendance Management Solutions for Enterprises

Our Attendance Management Solutions is all-inclusive that allows precise & efficient complex attendance management

SYNEL’s Attendance Management Solutions enables attendance data collection according to fixed or accidental work rules, along with salary calculation of real-time hours worked.

Optional: Recording of different departments’ data, during a workday and acquirement of work costs through cost centers.

HARMONY Enterprise’s attendance management solutions are fully available online, which allows employee real-time attendance data display.

  • Five different levels: Region; Company; Division; Department; and sub-department (can be adapted based on client’s requirements).
  • Various report and menu permissions, including R/W permissions.
  • Capability to produce new or custom-built reports.
  • Data transfer between various operation systems, using file export / import function.
  • Graphic reports for managers.
  • Multiple calendar templates support.
  • Excel and PDF format reports generation. Unlimited reporting types, work rule types, historical depth of data, etc.
  • Retroactive edits and balance interface can be transferred to payroll.
  • Fully compatible with payroll software’s and service bureaus.