Cost Center Accounting for Enterprises

An employee reporting data is the basic groundwork for a credible decision-making. Work methods and management can be proficiently constructed if the data is properly reported.

HARMONY’s Enterprise Cost Center Accounting module provides administration and true calculation of hours worked apportioned by budget planning. SYNEL’s Cost Center Accounting module is an effective means to manage, control and follow-up on cost centers activity.

HARMONY Enterprise’s Cost Center Accounting system for Enterprises provides the following:

  • Reporting of project/cost centers by personal web-screens or terminals
  • Cost center reporting support
  • Attendance and projects comparison report
  • Tasks time span follow-up reports
  • Employee/organizational hierarchy reporting permissions set-up
  • Overtime worked vs. task reporting comparison
  • Cancelled/on-hold project reporting blocking
  • Excel export of reports for further analysis
  • External systems and payroll transfer by reporting codes
  • Special feature:
    Option to assign a project rule to a project and cost center and employee’s project rule prioritization.


*SYNEL’s Cost Center Accounting system is not suitable for organizations with under 500 employees.