Cloud Workforce save money

| 27 September, 2016

The cloud technology allows anyone in the world using a powerful system that in the past only big companies could afford, including data storage, fast processing, reliable and protected system and all of that by using a Web browser and internet access.

Today small companies can afford a powerful workforce management that was very expensive to install and pay only for what they used on monthly basis.

Cloud Workforce services can save money for small to medium companies by reducing the amount of:

Server maintenance, power maintenance and software licensing. According to the Microsoft survey.1 Rather than spending money to maintain hardware that often goes unused, subscribing to software and services for a low monthly fee can help small businesses stretch their budgets further.

The Cloud Workforce services can be scale up or down during slower periods (e.g., remove users or use less storage space), saving your business money.

Harmony Cloud from Synel, the leading workforce management software that runs many years at big organization is now available as cloud SAAS for and any business size and type.

Synel special offer with attractive price and one month for free.

Harmony Cloud services can help small to medium businesses, save money by reducing the cost of:

  • IT, server and maintenance.
  • Software licensing and upgrade expenses.
  • No need to hire or pay for time and attendance account manager.
  • No need to back up the employee’s attendance data.
  • No need to take care for security