Harmony online time and attendance software

| 11 July, 2016

Harmony software from Synel, the leading Workforce manufacture,

designed as an online attendance management system that allows an online access to data in multiple levels, in accordance with employee status and designated permission level. Synel time and attendance hardware communicate with Harmony in real time for permission checking and for data saving.

Synel Online attendance system allow approving attendance and in online using any browser anywhere.

The benefits of Harmony software and the Online attendance system are:

  • Employees attendance reporting checked, analyze and stored at the same moment when employee reported at the terminal or at the attendance application.
  • Employees time and attendance reporting available using any browser anywhere
  • Employees absence reporting online and in advanced.

Synel Online attendance system is suitable for small companies and up to medium and large companies.

The system is very flexible and friendly and can be installed at the client server as a multi-client software or as a SAAS in the cloud


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