HARMONY Vehicle module

| 11 January, 2016

HARMONY Vehicle module from Synel MLL PayWay is the ideal parking lot management to control the organization  vehicles entry and parking lot area using drivers or cars reporting.

The vehicle module enables blocking or permitting vehicle entrance in accordance with group or department, time, quota or black-list access definitions.

Harmony Vehicle module support wide range of readers including:

  • LPR camera which read and process the car plate ID.
  • Long range readers
  • Drivers biometric readers

In any communication such as: TCP/IP, local RS232 / RS485 and GPRS,

The vehicle module process the incoming data in real time and enable employees and drivers entrance using the card ID or the Driver ID or combination of card and driver ID for high security.

The Vehicle module one of the cost effective Harmony module that based on the organization Access Control platform and reduce the parking lot management in effective solution.

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