How HR will look in the future

| 31 October, 2016

According to Winmark published HR 2020 report, the report was carried out on 56 and 13 HR director’s non-executive directors to analyze jobs in the future, with forecasts show that employees wants and needs to climb in priority.

Susan Van Montfoort, Winmark Senior Research Director said,

In 2020 the “war for talent”, will be more prevalent than ever and HR will have to use all the tools at its disposal.


Synel Mll Payway Ltd. The leading workforce management manufacture, presenting HARMONY cloud that leading the HR management system to the future, using the SAAS technology with a modular system, Harmony cloud become the popular employees time tracking system:

The analyzer magazine reported that almost 93% of the organizations using any type of SAAS, cloud solutions.


Harmony cloud benefits:

Reduced costs:
pay monthly according to the amount of reporting.


No need fast Servers and network bandwidth, maintenance and other cost when keeping the server in house.


The cloud system and storage are automatic updates and daily managed by security professionals.


Workforce management software and service are very expensive. While cloud systems you pay per use.


Cloud solution available anytime, whenever, all you need to have Internet.

Online reports. Working with cloud you can get report in anywhere from device that connected to the internet.


Cloud service are very secured and always improving the servers with the best security professional in the world.

HARMONY Cloud including:

  • Online employees attendance updating, feeding, control and report.
  • Online attendance / absence reporting.
  • Employees may view and update missing attendance reporting.
  • Online cost center and project updating
  • Reporting using Time and Attendance terminal and mobile application or using and web browser.
  • Managers accept or deny the employees updating request;
  • Monthly email reminder for data submission.
  • flexible attendance report.
  • Periodical email alerts of missing attendance data.
  • Monthly email reminder for data submission.