How much your time is worth?

| 15 March, 2016

How much your time is worth and how much you’ll save with a reliable software for managing Time and Attendance?

Employee’s time management solution for the organization as a flagship program of SYNEL – HARMONY attendance and workforce management, may significantly reduce the costs of the organization. Organizations today understand that the highest cost that the employer is employee hours.

Using HARMONY Time and Attendance system can reduce employer administrative management time and cost. Manual management of the data collection and time calculation time consuming. When working with HARMONY T&A it is not necessary to worry about gathering information and because of this process becomes more efficient and save money for your organization.

In addition, another advantage is the reduction in “stealing hours” such as delays or long break. By reporting start break and back from break employee can sign the attendance terminal. By simple break calculation the employer can save about 30 minutes per employee every week.

A reliable and accurate Time and Attendance software such as HARMONY will promote the company to manage real-time information on employee’s attendance and assignment shifts. Human mistake will reduce by the Pay-Roll and by the Employees, while the processes are managed according to specific needs without any complication.

SYNEL, we believe we can help businesses lower annual expenses significantly by accurate data collection and transfer to Pay-Roll the summery calculation. HARMONY attendance software from SYNEL is an ideal solution for medium and large companies and can customize according to their needs and the nature of the behavior in the organization.

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