Improve your organization time

| 01 November, 2016

HARMONY software for organization Employee’s time management solution and workforce management, may significantly improve the organization time management and working planner. At most of the Organizations the biggest expenses are employees working hours.

HARMONY improving the organization Time and Attendance tracking and administrative management. By using the online technology for the employee’s data collection and processing the working hours becomes more efficient and precise that save money for the organization.

The online data calculation reducing the “stealing hours” such as delays or long break and even false reporting, by calculating the break time reporting at the time and attendance terminal.

HARMONY improving the organization time management by viewing a real-time employee’s and department working time assignment the estimate time. This improvement reducing the Human mistakes will reduce by the Pay-Roll and by the Employees, while the processes are managed according to specific needs without any complication.

SYNEL, we believe we can help businesses lower annual expenses significantly by accurate data collection and transfer to Pay-Roll the summery calculation. HARMONY attendance software from SYNEL is an ideal solution for medium and large companies and can customize according to their needs and the nature of the behavior in the organization.

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