SYNEL Launch’s New Service – SYNEL Pension Division

| 30 December, 2015

Further process of pension reforms in recent months, with the approval of the budget and the Economic Arrangements Law currently in progress, the changes are clear and Synel is proud to present the division of pension under the direction of Mr. Ilan Regev – former deputy executive LLL insurance, which will give several options regarding the use and pension settlement.

From 1 January 2016, it was decided a new file structure and reform for all funds and pension funds in accordance with the following guidelines:
The employer’s responsibility is to deposit funds instead of the pension arrangements administrator.
Synel has made the necessary changes to its payroll software to generate a standard file structure according to the guidelines of the new law. Synel will give customers who use its payroll software, a number of options regarding the operation and pension settlement;
A) File Transfer reform structure, directly to customer only, as we have done in the past.
B) Providing full professional services by Synel pension and handling all the process by skilled staff.