Lesson 25 – Working Environment

| 28 July, 2015

Working Environment

1.  SY-Server and Harmony Server Computers

The number of employees and Harmony users are the main factors in determining what hardware is optimal for the SY-Server. When installing a Harmony system, make sure the customer has the following hardware:


Parameters Application Server + IIS DB Server Clients
Processor Minimum Xeon Quad Core 56xx series X 2 or laterMore than 20 users and 10000 employees – 2 processorsWEB module include for both Minimum Xeon Quad Core 56xx series or  later Minimum Pentium IV
RAM memory 16 GB 8 GBOne CPU to 8G RAM.Recommended 2 CPU’s. 1GB recommended
Controllers and disks Fast SAS Disk Drive 15kRPM  RAID1 Fast SAS Disk Drive 15kRPMRaid 5 or 1064K formatted separate disk(s)for database files .


2 GB available
Communication Card Minimum 100 Mbit/s Minimum 100 Mbit/s Minimum 100 Mbit/s
Operation System Windows 2008 R2 (Recommend) Win 2008/2008 R2 Windows XP ProWindows 7 Pro
Web Browser Microsoft.Net Framework 4 required IE         – v. 8.0, v9.0Opera – v. 11.50FireFox – v 3.6.8Google Chrome – v.12.0


IIS Version 7 n.a.


2- Microsoft SQL Requirements


MS SQL 2008/2008 R2 (Recommend) Processor License (latest Service pack)


-Server Management Studio is required



MS SQL must be installed in mixed mode (Windows and SQL server authentications).

The collation of the SQL server must be Latin1_General_CI_AS

Choose Simple Mode in database properties options

The SA username and password are required during installation


SQL Database Growth:

-Up to 1000 employees with Time and Attendance module only, 2 GB per year.

-Up to 1000 employees with Time and Attendance and Access control modules, 4 to 5 GB per year.


Database maintenance and backup:

The customer is responsible for  backup and  maintaining the Harmony SQL database.


3- Domain

-The servers (database, application and IIS) and the Harmony clients must be on the same Active Directory or Trusted AD.

-We highly recommend creating in advance a “user group” object in Active Directory for all Harmony Users.


4- Ports

-Port 3734 must be open for TCPIP communication with the time recorders (it’s default, but may be changed)

-3 more ports are required for Syserver, Notifier and Guard between 6000 and 6005

– Protocol: DCOM TCP on port 135- 137 , 141 -445

–  SQL  – 1443
5- Support

-Remote Access to all servers is compulsory, ideally not restricted to fixed IP addresses.

-support user must be member of Domain Users group and Local Administrator on the server


6-Thick and Thin Clients

-10 MB minimum available bandwidth is required for the Harmony Windows Application

-The Windows Terminal Server or Citrix Servers should not be on the Harmony Application

Server Recommended

– The user that runs the harmony client should have full permission to the HARMONY

CLIENT folder and all its sub folders ..


7- VMWARE or Hyper-V Virtualizations Systems


8- Supported Network



9-GPRS Network Solution

Recommended to build on APN (Access Point Network) of Cellular Provider.

For example only:

Create route on Harmony server:

route add –p mask