Save money with Smartphone attendance App.

| 15 May, 2016

Today organizations can save money by using the Time and Attendance smartphone application.

Many organization that using any Time and Attendance and learned how simple and efficient system. Some of Synel client said that they don’t even remember the day the worked without such system, many of them still don’t know that they can use the same workforce management system they have and add the employees that doesn’t report to the system because they working out of the office of in specific project that they must start working at other locations, or even drivers that start working when enter to the car or truck. Time and Attendance smartphone application is the simplest way for employees attendance reporting by using any smartphone. This elegant solution designed for small to big organization that some looking for employees attendance report and integrate it with their Harmony Attendance software.

using the application they can also track the employees attendance GEO location using the smartphone GPS. App_map_screen

The application is very friendly simple to use and let employees reporting attendance anywhere anytime and even report absence, the employee may view his attendance reporting any time and confirm the past period by very simple action Harmony Smart module allow managers tracking employees attendance location and let them limit the employees reporting location,

the system verify the employee number by checking the Smartphone IMEI private key and check the employee authorization in online. App_main_screen
The important advantage of working with Smartphone application is that the employee may report anywhere at any time and can be accessed his personnel data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. HARMONY smart report