Synel communication software

| 13 October, 2016

Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading Time and Attendance software developer with the leading Harmony workforce management solution, developed an advanced and high technology communication software – Sy-Bridge.

The Sy-Bridge is a mid-ware software that developed for numerus functionalities for any client requirements.

Sy-Bridge is a service software that run in the background and give communication service for attendance software such as Harmony, the Sy-Bridge is compatible with entire Synel terminals with an advanced online Query and Web Service technologies.

Except for Synel terminals the Sy-Bridge communicate with the following hardwares:

  • TDCS – and free switch for telephone attendance reporting
  • LPR – card plate recognition
  • Alarm devices.

Sy-Bridge support the following communication types:

  • TCP, local network.
  • Local communication RS232/485.
  • Modem – using the telephone lines.
  • Call DLL or web service to adapt it to your application and database.

When saving of query fails