SYNERGY high level security terminal.

| 01 March, 2016

Highly secure networks do not allow devices to connect to the network without identification and testing device that wants to connect to the subject of confirmation.

High level security network preventing cyber-attack by using the security standards protocol, this type of security improved in the Synergy terminal.

Synel developed Synergy and add security protocol (IEEE 802.1X) that perform ID authentication and make sure that each terminal equipped with a certificate issued by the authentication server before connecting the terminal to the network.

Authentication is done using a general certificate to all terminals in the local network. The certificate details should generate at the authentication server.

The Identification information in use by the Synergy terminal in every session and communication to the local network.


The advantages using Synergy security protocol:

1. Prevents network intrusions by using the terminal network cable.

2. Enable separate VLAN to the terminals.

3. Eliminates the need for security management according to the MAC address (quick and easy maintenance).

4. Suitable for organizations who require high network security like banks, financial institutions, and other security agencies.

In addition, the IEEE 802.1X protocol, biometric time clock SYNERGY already support more secure protocols such as https and SSH.