Time and Attendance Systems

| 23 November, 2015

Synel Time and Attendance Systems solutions including the following available environment:

  • Local station installation for small companies
  • Server installation – multi client, for medium to big organization
  • Cloud – internet environment for SME

The entire Synel Time and Attendance Systems provide:

  • Employee attendance report, edit and confirm.
  • Managers approve or deny, Employees updating request.
  • Online transfer of information to department/branch managers
  • Periodical e-mails update and edit missing attendance data prior to closing of month

By working with Synel Time and Attendance Systems employees may report the attendance data by using:

  • Time and attendance terminal, the terminal can work as an on-line that report and check the server for any data request or as an off-line that the data will be stored by the terminal and will load to the software as required.
  • Web screen that allow the users to report from any web browser any where the whish to report, this module allow Managers to accept their group of employees reporting when they are out of the office or any time if they do not have access to Time and Attendance terminals
  • Mobile application – this solution is for Employees that are not in house worker, for example driver and other services
  • Telephone reporting – for organizations with many small offices

Time and attendance systems

Organizations track and record their Employees attendance at work all the time. When you came to work back than you used to punch the clock when you arrive or leave, or just greet good morning or good bye. But these days work tends to be more elaborated and more sophisticated than ever before. Many organizations use Time and attendance systems and follow employees, when do they start working on their duties, and than stop and attend to deal with something else, and go back to work. Without following and recording the time spent on each mission, organizations cannot track just how productive they were during those hours. Time and attendance systems are necessary to stay efficient and competitive according to work standards today.

Simple to gather information

Another difference in workplaces nowadays is that some of the work is done outside the premises of the organization. That makes it even harder to track and record attendance, performance and productivity. Employers usually track also meals and breaks. Some of them even record in their Time and attendance systems what kind of work was accomplished, quantities and manufacturing data, vacations and sick leaves, (FMLA time), even coming late to work.

A useful tool for managers

Time and attendance systems enables employers and managers to control hours and work plans. Their reports include all necessary details like the exact location, record various reporting options that vary according to Users profile, request future absence when needed, receiving approvals from managers, and manage Personnel and other functions in the premises, as defined by the Users. These systems allow a useful and convenient control and monitoring of the daily activities to improve your planning. The attendance systems today are available also as apps for apple and android devices, making it easier to do your job.