What is a mobile access control?

| 07 August, 2016

When asking clients about mobile access control they all knows that the solution must be related to smart mobile application but must of the customers are not clear what they need and what the technology may offer them.

The mobiles become very popular that many employees using their mobile phone for daily activity including for their job.

Synel MLL Payway LTD presented Harmony Cloud and Harmony Smart as a complete solution for workforce management.

Harmony Smart from Synel designed as a Time and Attendance and Access Control mobile application, the application available at Android and Apple stores

Synel mobile application designed for small to big organization that using employee’s mobile for daily attendance reporting and Access control.

The Application from Synel communicate with the client Harmony server for online permission check. The Server detect the employee location using the application GEO location and verify his zone permission, this smart feature let the managers track employees location when reporting to the Harmony server.

Harmony Access Control module:

Smart Access

Harmony access control let the guards and managers controlling the organization entrance and employees permissions.

  • Doors permissions limited by security groups permission.
  • Doors alerts
  • Live events display and alert
  • Notifications on alerts via e-mail
  • Alarm’s events and alerts

Smartphone access control

Harmony Smart Application presenting to the Mobile user his present permission and allow the user to open the doors and gates by pressing open door button.

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