workforce Events management

| 02 November, 2016

Synel Mll Payway ltd. The developer of Harmony software that leading the workforce management to a new generation. Harmony build as a modular software.

According to Mr, Erez Buganim the Vice President, International Marketing, “today Harmony software may answer any client requirements in any aspect”.

One of the important module is the events management system that view and monitoring the employees card-swiping event and highlight the irregular events such as:


  • Not valid or unknown card: any card swiping that has not been authorized by the system.
  • Anti pass card alert: when a card is swiped to enter into the zone and then swipe again for entry without swiping for exit (no matter whether it is the same door or not).
  • Door monitoring event: after the door was open by a valid card, an alarm will be generated when the opening time of the door exceeds the setting value.
  • Intrusion alarm: an alarm will be generated when the door is being forced open without card swipe; an alarm will also be generated when the card reader, connection cable, door status sensor, etc. are broken.