Workforce system Security computer shutdown

| 22 May, 2016

Today one of the important workforce module that many organization not aware is the computer management system.

Many organization does not know even that it is possible tracking and control the organization network security and save power by using simple module for computers shutdown. In most of the organizations the HR and IT departments start working together and share the organization information and security by adding computers shutdown module that automatically shut down the employee’s computers when they left the office will increase the organization security and will reduce the power and maintenance expenses.

Harmony from Synel MLL PayWay developed as a modular workforce management system with security module for computers shutdown.

Harmony with Time and Attendance system with wide range of attendance features and modules such as:

Cloud – Harmony cloud

Smartphone application reporting – Harmony Smart

And many other module may also manage the organization computers shutdown. This module will automatically shut down the employee’s computers when they left the office and by that the computers will be protected from cyber-attack and will improve your organization security.

Harmony computers shutdown allow your IT manger to decide what security actions the system should automatically do when the employee’s reporting out at the time and attendance system.

This important module using the simple Time and Attendance daily actions such as:

  • Reporting Out when leaving the office.
  • Reporting IN when starting the working day.

The IT manger may decide to shut down or logoff the employee computer when he swipe out, and blocking the employee login if he didn’t swipe IN.