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Time and attendance Management Software from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. developed in order to let the software users facilitating, monitoring and controlling Synel terminals. This software let the user controlling, editing the terminals project and controlling the employee’s permission in each terminal and device.

Remote shutdown system

| 23 December, 2015

Harmony computers Remote shutdown system from Synel MLL PayWay LTD linked the employee attendance identification with his computer security system, by using the attendance terminal and the employee’s work station.

Face recognition system

| 22 December, 2015

Face recognition system – SY-Face from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading face recognition system with the leading “Dual Sensor” Face Recognition Algorithm.

The Face recognition system compatible for time and attendance and access control terminal that uses face recognition technology or proximity (RF) badges that instantly identify users.

Employees shift Scheduling

| 21 December, 2015

HARMONY work schedule module from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading workforce management software with the most attractive module for Employees Scheduling will help you save precious time planning and organizing your Employees shifts and jobs.

Online attendance software

| 20 December, 2015

E-HARMONY online attendance management software from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading online attendance management software that allows an online access to data in multiple levels, in accordance with employee status and designated permission level.

Harmony Access control

| 17 December, 2015

HARMONY’s Access Control from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading Access Control software with many useful organization features such as:

  • Access control
  • Guard screen with CCTV and alarm monitoring
  • Employees safety of Automatic computer shut off

Time and Attendance software

| 16 December, 2015

Harmony from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. The leading Time and Attendance software with many useful organization modules such as:

  • Attendance management
  • Flexible employees total working hours export to pay roll system,
  • Access control (including Guard CCTV and alarm monitoring software),
  • Employees safety of Automatic computer shut off,

In recent years, following some devastating security-related and terror events, the world has become increasingly security conscious and many organizations and facilities have begun to screen and examine all those wishing to enter their gates or specific areas.

SYNEL’s Workforce Management system for large and small organization.

SYNEL’s HARMONY software for any organization, based Microsoft advanced development tools and MSSQL database.

Face Recognition FAR

| 10 December, 2015

Synel’s Face facial recognition system with leading “Dual Sensor” Facial Recognition Algorithm, FAR<0.0001% which makes facial recognition faster and more accurate.

Different source-light technology enables the system to work well under different environments for access control and time attendance applications.


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Harmony T&A Application

| 9 December, 2015

Synel Time and Attendance application available for Android and ISO (apple) smartphone.

Harmony time and attendance application has been create to offer a variety of actions and tools for employees that reporting attendance anywhere any time and  mangers that can follow and setup the employees attendance reporting using GPS location.

SYnergy terminal is Synel’s latest Linux-based Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance System – Biometric Attendance System, which combines a graphic color screen with technologically advanced features for all your time & attendance and access control applications.

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Harmony from Synel MLL PayWay can give your organization much more than others Time and Attendance software. With wide range of available modules, one of the most important module is the computers shutdown.
One of the benefits of Using Harmony as your organization Time and Attendance system is the Remote shutdown Across the Organization. This module will automatically shutdown the employee’s computers when they left the office and by that the computers will be protected from cyber-attack and will improve your organization security.

Organization power saving

| 29 November, 2015

Power saving – computers power management is an effective energy saving in your organization.

Computer Remote shutdown management will save your organization from $20 to $70 per stations every year by very simple action of shutdown of PCs that aren’t in use.

Reporting and control

| 25 November, 2015

Today Managers and team leaders looking for effective and useful system that will help them to control the work of the organization and their team members. They will need access to detailed information on such things as:

Time and Attendance Systems

| 23 November, 2015

Synel Time and Attendance Systems solutions including the following available environment:

  • Local station installation for small companies
  • Server installation – multi client, for medium to big organization
  • Cloud – internet environment for SME

workforce management mostly designed to assig the employees right. The most popular workforce management actions are employees working time Scheduling and the most popular Time and attendance and employees absence management.
The market demand managers control and optimization of employees request attendance and absence request

Attendance Management System

| 17 November, 2015

Today small, medium and big organizations time management system demanding more features and full integration with other software in the organization. At the past must of the Attendance Management System installed at local PC station of the account manager, today the Attendance Management System installed at the local organization server and therefore it become easier to share the organization data base with many other managers and integration with other software’s such as HR and Pay role

Face recognition software

| 15 November, 2015

Synel face recognition software developed using high level Microsoft tolls, by working with the software the user may distribute the template from specific terminal to other terminals according to the employee access permission

SY-940 face recognition may be installed for time and attendance or access control terminal:

Synel MLL PayWay LTD. Is a world leader in development and manufacture of modular workforce management systems, including hardware and software. Therefore Synel developed each product with high flexibility in order to fit our entire world wide distribution needs.

Cost Center Management

| 11 November, 2015

Harmony Cost Center Management Tracks employees working hours for each employee in the organization, including overtime according to the cost center where the work has been performed. If the employee moves from one cost center to another, Harmony uses the clock-in/clock-out data to accurately distribute the hours among the cost centers.

Facility Management System

| 10 November, 2015

Harmony Facility Management System module provides the organization manager the ability to track, manage, report, and plan facilities operations. This module can help the organization control and manage their Employees and departments working hours and control their shifts

Harmony Vehicle Access Control System managing access solutions and parking systems in your organization

Synel MLL PayWay LTD is a leading developer and manufacturer of Workforce management and Access Control systems including Parking lot management system.

Visitor Management System

| 8 November, 2015

Synel MLL Payway is a leading Access Control developer and our Visitor Management System meet the requirements of small, Medium or large organizations.
Harmony Visitor Management System is a flexible Visitor Management System for managing and control the company visitors.

Telephone Reporting System

| 5 November, 2015

What is it Telephone Reporting System
The Telephone Reporting System is an electronic service that allows employees time and attendance reporting using a phone with Touch-toneTM service,

Computer Shut Down Module

| 3 November, 2015

SYNEL Computer Shut Down Module – Workforce Management System
To learn more about Remote shutdown

Synel’s Terminal Management Software is a service software used for facilitating, monitoring and controlling the entire Synel’s terminals. The software allow controlling, editing the terminals project and controlling the employees permission in each terminal and device.

SY Terminal

| 1 November, 2015

Synel MLL PayWay – SY terminal recording the employee’s clock-in & clock-out records

SY terminal support wide range of readers such as:

Remote shutdown

| 28 October, 2015

Remote shutting down your employee’s pc stations computer is possible from the convenience of your own station. It’s very simple to learn how to shutdown a remote Windows computer from your own PC on a local LAN network. All you should know is the proper computer command shorthand.

Must of the managers know how much time it takes to maintain Employee scheduling. In addition to the other jobs of employees management,

As a Manager you should know how important it is to schedule your employees, tracking the hours your employees worked

Online attendance system

| 26 October, 2015

Online attendance system

The advantages of Syntel’s Harmony software, Online attendance system that in any required time and anywhere it the software keep tracking the employees attendance and all other activities in the online time attendance system.

Harmony Visitors module

| 25 October, 2015

Harmony Visitors module

Preparation for planned visits and on-line guests search, visitors Access and security management.

Temporary visitor’s access permission according to the Guests participate plan and schedule, as well as setting for all staff to take care of the guests and the management visits.

Recently attendance App become very popular and there are many type of applications available in the market.

The human face plays an important role in our social interaction, conveying people’s identity.

Synergy terminal designed for Biometric attendance system in on-line communication, by using the internet technology called Web service communication method the Synergy terminal running in permanent communication with the server, by asking for updated information and loading the employees card swipe data in real time.

What is SAAS

| 13 October, 2015

Software as a Service (SaaS) is defined as a software that is deployed over the internet… With SaaS, a provider licenses an application to customers either as a service on demand, through a subscription, in a “pay-as-you-go” model, or (increasingly) at no charge when there is opportunity to generate revenue from streams other than the user, such as from advertisement or user list sales

Facial recognition system algorithm with FAR<0.001%, which makes recognition more accurate and faster.  Source-light technology enable the system works well under different environments for access control and time attendance application.

 How Facial Recognition Systems Work

Sy-110 facial recognition

| 1 October, 2015

Synel’s facial recognition terminal is an embedded face recognition
system Applicable for standalone Access Control applications.
Its classic slope design is especially useful for commercial uses such as:
Main door and server rooms Standalone door control.
• Accurate and fast identification
• The system can work in different light conditions, even in the dark
• 300 face templates.

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| 29 September, 2015

HARMONY Cloud enables remote uploading, feeding, control and viewing of attendance data via internet browser. Data is available constantly in accordance with user defined permissions.

We are pleased to inform you that Synel has launched the most advanced solution for energy saving AND enhanced IT security: SY-CASD – Computer Automatic Shut Down.

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