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Our Partners

Synel Mll Payway provides a comprehensive, reliable and fully integrated range of solutions and products to meet the unique requirements of the workforce management industry. Our portfolio includes complete hardware and software solutions for any size and type organization.

We continuously develop and introduce the market with a wide range of technology advanced products, including wireless communication and biometric fingerprint technologies.

Synel is striving to expand its global presence by continuously partnering with global and local companies. Over the years, Synel has established and maintained long-standing and mutually profitable partnerships with HR, workforce management and security companies, as well as system integrators and software houses. Developing these relationships is amongst the company’s most important and challenging tasks.

Our business partners are the company’s core asset and make an enormous contribution to Synel’s continuous business growth. Synel values these important relationships and works closely with these partners for the benefit of all parties.

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Synel’s technology partners complement the company’s broad technological capabilities, allowing us to focus on our core technical competence. Our R&D team of professional engineers is constantly seeking new technological innovations to enhance Synel’s next generation solutions. To become a Synel technology partner, please contact

Our network of distribution and channel partners comprises a wide range of companies with various business capabilities and technical know-how, spread across five continents. These distribution and channel partners are one of the key drivers for Synel’s impressive global growth.

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Synel is a world leader in the development and production of Online data collection systems and solutions for workforce management, time & attendance, job costing applications, access control & Guard screen (with CCTV and Alarm guard control / alert) and time & attendance mobile applications.

Synel has a network of distributors and partners in over 34 countries worldwide, with subsidiaries in the UK, France, Sweden and USA.

Synel’s wide range of solutions includes:

1. Hardware – Advanced face recognition and biometric fingerprint terminals which support multiple communication technologies (HTTP/HTTPS, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) and various types of reading technologies – proximity, magnetic, smart card etc.

2. Software – Unique software packages which supply complete solutions for controlling and managing employee’s time, visitors, and vehicles for Medium to Large businesses and organizations.
Synel’s strategy “all under one roof” solution – gives managers the ability to check and control employee activities in the organization, including:

  • Time & Attendance
  • Access Control
  • Automatic computer shut off
  • Meals management
  • Web Reporting
  • Cost Center Allocation
  • Visitors
  • Guard & Employee’s Photo
  • Facility Management
  • Card Printing
  • Smartphone application
  • Cloud solution