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Synel Technology partners
Synel's technology partners complement the company's broad technological capabilities, allowing us to focus on our core technical competence. Our R&D team of professional engineers is constantly seeking new technological innovations to enhance Synel's next generation solutions. To become a Synel business partner, please contact
Suprema Inc.
Suprema is a leading biometrics company offering core fingerprint technologies for PC and embedded applications. Suprema has a number of experts in the field of biometric solutions, embedded system design and signal processing. Suprema's fingerprint algorithm was proven to be world's most reliable solution by ranking No. 1 in the 3rd international Fingerprint Verification Competition(FVC2004) with the lowest error rate in light category. Suprema's products have been sold in more than 50 countries around the world and are deployed in various applications.
ISS - Intelligent Security Systems Ltd.
ISS - Intelligent Security Systems Ltd. ISS, one of the founders in the video security technology marketplace, provides a comprehensive line of digital security and surveillance video solutions. The ISS video servers provide wide-ranging value, with specific advanced features.

ISS boasts thousands of installations in strategic, transport, industrial targets and enterprises of trade. These solutions power the most advanced security infrastructures deployed anywhere - the warning and aversion of threats, the prevention of terrorism and the provision for safety of people and economic well-being of businesses. ISS is a technology partner of world's largest integrators in the video security and surveillance marketplace, and corresponds to the international standards of quality and safety (FCC, CE).