Shutdown Remote Computer – SY-CASD

The SY-CASD Shutdown Remote Computer is based on a connection between the employee’s personal identification, the attendance terminal, and the employee’s work station.

The SY-CASD module is an online computer shutdown remote System – immediate shutdown or log-off of an employee workstation when the employee reported an “Exit” command at the SYNEL time and attendance terminal.

SY-CASD is a workstation access control system which allows log-in only after “Enter” command is reported at the SYNEL time and attendance terminal.

Benefits of Shutdown Remote Computer System :

  • Cost effective solution for medium to large organizations.
  • Considerable power and energy saving
  • Based on SYNEL’s HARMONY database and Reporting & Control Terminals
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Suitable for all Microsoft OS
  • Automatic operation based on existing infrastructure
  • IT security enhancement – no unauthorized access to employee’s PC
  • Power saving – computers power management is an effective energy saving in your organization. Computer Remote shutdown management will save your organization from $20 to $70 per stations every year by the very simple action of shutdown of PCs that aren’t in use
  • Maintenance – computers remote shutdown will reduce the organization maintenance service and will save your organization from $100 to $150 per stations every year.
  • Security – computers Remote shutdown will protect your computers and organization from cyber-attack.

Remote computer shutdown of your employee’s computer is possible from the convenience of your own desk. It’s very simple to learn how to shutdown a remote Windows computer from your own PC on a local LAN network. All you need to know is the proper computer command shorthand.

This action seems simple to do but it takes a lot of time and of course will demand more training and educating technicians.


When the employee’s computer shutdown occurs all the open programs will be closed, including the computer operating system.


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