e-HARMONY Light Online Attendance Solutions for Medium Organizations

Web-based Online Attendance Management Solutions for Mid-Size companies

Online Attendance Solutionse-HARMONY Light for Medium-Size organizations is an online attendance management solution, that provides real-time access to data using an internet browser, based on the employee’s position and pre-defined permission level.

e-HARMONY Light for Medium-Size organizations enables employees to use an internal or external network and online attendance software to attendance solutions reporting data.

Employees can display and update reports, and managers can examine those revisions at predefined levels and provide the relevant approval.

The e-HARMONY Light for Medium-Size organizations Online Attendance Solutions provide:

  • Up to 500 registered employees.
  • Online real-time attendance/work reporting using workstations.
  • Reports generation based on permission level (manager/employee)
  • Employees can manually update their attendance/work data, following by manager’s authorization for any change performed.
  • Updating employee records.
  • Employee identification card generation in case of misplacement.
  • Numerous reports generation in Excel, PDF or HTML formats – for display or print.