Attendance Management Software For Small Organizations

HARMONY Cloud's Attendance Management Software is an inclusive tool that enables accuracy & productivity in attendance management

HARMONY Cloud Logo_ pngThe Attendance Management Software collects attendance reporting in accordance with work rules, and calculates hours worked in real-time for wage payments.

Optional function: Data recording between departments during workday and work costs acquirement via cost centers.

Fully online attendance management software that enables display of employee real-time attendance or absence data.

  • Multiple calendar templates.
  • 5 organizational levels available: Region; Company; Division; Department; and sub-department, all can be customized according to customer’s requirements.
  • A dynamic permissions software for reports and menus, including R/W permissions.
  • Option to generate new reports or customize existing ones.
  • Files export / import enables data sharing with other operation systems within an organization.
  • Graphic reports for managers.
  • Reports can be generated in Excel and PDF format, and sent by Email. The software is not limited in reporting types, work rule types, historical depth of data, etc.
  • Retroactive edits and balance interface can be transferred to payroll.
  • Compatible with all payroll software’s and service bureaus.