Access Control App future growth

| 09 August, 2017

The Access Control forecasts for year 2022 article – research and markets estimates that the Access Control application is the next future growth in the market follow by the smartphone proliferation that available anytime and anywhere

The estimated growing demand will be from the government sector.

According to the research the technologies that expected to be the next generation of access control will include a wireless technology and mobile application

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing said says that access through mobile application using Synel mobile application is the top of the art technology from Synel Cloud system.

Harmony Smart application developed for the Time and Attendance market, the application is a user-friendly and very easy to install and setup.

The application authorized the employees open the doors and gates according to his permission by pressing the open-door button in the application.

The employee permissions modified by the manager or the authorized security manager.

The application available at Android and Apple store.