Harmony Demo Lessons

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Lesson 38 – Access Reports
| 21st September 2015

Access Reports The access reports generated can be viewed in: HTML (by default), PDF and…

Lesson 37 – Guard Screen
| 21st September 2015

Guard Screen The guard screen is part of a separate executable file that is opened…

Lesson 36 – Design Site
| 8th September 2015

Design Site This module provides a dynamic graphic representation of the layout of the organization.…

Lesson 35 – Calendar
| 8th September 2015

Calendar In the calendar screen, lay out the year by the matching day type for…

Lesson 34 – Data Management
| 31st August 2015

Data Management Enter the data into the system and export it to other software, like…

Lesson 33 – Types of Problems and Their…
| 31st August 2015

Types of Problems and Their Cause Missing Data and Terminals Work Offline

Lesson 32 – Export Record Format
| 20th August 2015

Export Record Format In order to define additional fields according to your requirements: after choosing…

Lesson 31 – Payroll Symbol Method
| 17th August 2015

Payroll Symbol Method Under Source Table, choose the employee file. In this file there are…

Lesson 30 – Glossary
| 17th August 2015

Changing and Defining Terms in the Glossary Select Global parameters > System Manager > Glossary.

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