Through continuous investment in technical knowledge and equipment, Synel is proud to present three new, exclusive workforce solutions based on the company’s development philosophy for the provision of products that are agile and innovative.

SYQR 2.0 APP – Experience the full benefits of Remote Working

Synel introduces SYQR 2.0 APP which provides complete management of mobile employees and reporting via smartphone. The app provides hours tracking with GPS location, activities tracking and reporting, expenses monitoring, working hours’ stats, absence request & approval on the road and documents upload/download.

“Especially in the current environment of uncertainty it’s critical for enterprises to adapt to the remote working necessity that IT innovation is driving,” says Yuval Gonen, General Manager of Synel UK. Something completely true since you can reduce administration and payroll costs by tracking attendance and extract valuable data.

Wireless Access Control – Easy to install Real-time Access Control – Innovation Synel

Wireless Access Control by Synel with Salto Sallis technology offers and innovative and easy adaptable Access Control system for any business or organisation. Access Control Solutions with wireless technology can benefit your business in many ways. Doors are Online which means it can be monitored and synchronised in real-time, you can save time & money with fast and easy installation, no separate cabling for each door is needed and the most important one data network allows online communication with 64 doors.

SY-910 Facial Recognition Terminal – The most advanced no-touch technology

Synel’s latest Facial Recognition terminal with no-touch technology SYFace 910, is one of the most advanced Facial Recognition Terminals in the world combining the advanced technology of three-dimensional facial analysis with a compact, high end design. A hygienic cost-saving alternative that instantly identify users for look-and-go punching and access control. Some of the benefits are the additional levels of security and authentication to the facial recognition time clock by adding badge swipe and/or PIN entry.

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