Attendance Telephone reporting

| 13 June, 2016

Harmony Telephone reporting from Synel MLL PayWay LTD, is a powerful and useful module for Employees Time and attendance reporting system using the telephone lines,

this module is very useful for organizations that looking for Time and attendance system with Telephone reporting for employees that cannot report at the Time and attendance terminal, for sites that doesn’t have network small number of employees, or drivers and employees that should work away from the office for example municipality with many employees spreading all over the city.
Harmony Telephone reporting module using an electronic telephone device that open the voice answering application and allow employees reporting attendance by the phone with Touch-toneTM service and confirm the employee is authorized reporting using the telephone line by checking the employee number and permission.
Harmony software from Synel is the popular workforce management software with many useful modules and by adding the telephone reporting System the organization become more flexible for employees that working out of the building and for organization with few small offices with few employees or sites without communication.