Attendance terminal management

| 09 June, 2016

In many organization that have more than one time and attendance terminals the management become very critical and hard to solve, more than that is when the terminals installed in other locations and out from the company local network.

At the past the solution was using the telephone lines using modems, today computer manufacture does not supply computer with modems, and the modem lines are very slow for data transporting.
Synel Mll Payway LTD developed a communication software that help clients managing terminals communication and configuration from a single terminal and up to unlimited group of terminals.
Synel offer her client two solutions for terminals management:
The ultimate communication software that provide all available communication protocol such as local network TCP/IP and internet communication HTTP and secured internet communication HTTPS, the Sy-Bridge is a friendly software that allows user to communicate with the terminals using friendly panel or in automatic process, the software let the user collect the data, update date and time and even programming the terminal.
Harmony terminals management
Synel developed a basic module in Harmony software that allow organization using the powerful software for terminals management including employees
Both solution are multi user and sharing a central communication service and information’ buth software support entire terminals developed by Synel. The software allow controlling, editing the terminals project and controlling the employee’s permission in each terminal and device.

Synel Terminal Management solution developed for any type of clients from small to large installations with multiple communication type.
This powerful and dynamic management solution includes:

  • Operates as a communication server for all Synel terminals via common communication types:
  • TCP, local and modem Built-in scheduler for routine operations
  • Local communication continuous polling
  • Fingerprint template management – automatic request of a new template, upon request new templates are transferred to system.
  • Supports a wide range of Synel terminals.
  • Modem – Operation via telephone lines, the terminal initiates a call to the server, which activates predefined actions.
  • Run your own DLL or web service to adapt it to your application and database.
  • Built-in features to detect malfunctions, detection of communication failure, and alert initiation.
  • By running on TCP/IP, the server can easily be installed on a variety of networks.
  • A fast communication application for interactive operation between terminals and a database.
  • Transfers failure messages/alerts via the standard Windows Log Event interface.