Biometric products ROI

| 25 December, 2016

Today in the Biometric market there are different Biometric types and application available.

Many of them are in use by the government and private sectors for security checkpoints including basic access control for entrances, exits, doorways, and HR applications. Today many companies using the Biometric technology to control the employee time and attendance, which raises accountability.

Thanks to the Biometrics flexibility the technology can be in use in any sector and any security level.

Thanks to the accurate employee’s identification, the biometric systems ORI time (return on investment) become very short and that because the Biometric avoid fraud punching that many companies reported that it dramatically decreased the total working time and the payroll costs, improved the calculation of work hours, and reduced management time.

The biometrics benefit improved the ROI by reducing the need manage and employees reporting cards.

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that the Biometric in the workforce management is the most cost effective solution for any type and size of businesses, offering accurate and high security technology.