Biometric technology Has Significantly Boosted the Defense Market

| 18 January, 2017

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that the Defense market size was valued around USD 6 billion in 2014 and according to the analytics is expected to grow to USD 10.5 billion by 2023.

The leading security trends are:

Smartphone – using the Smartphone instead of the old security badge for access control. employees will use their mobiles for Access control and will be able to pass the gates and doors without using any badge or other devices.

BIOMETRIC READERS – technology become very popular and is about to increase in the coming years. The biometric readers are more accurate and with high security by using the individual user fingerprint or facial.

Synel Mll Payway LTD is one of the first developer that implemented the Biometric technology in the access control and workforce management systems.

Today Synel provided the leading technology for Access Control and Workforce management systems:


  • Linux-based fingerprint for Time & Attendance and Door Access.
  • Built in camera and a speaker.
  • Expanded memory
  • Up to 3,000 or 10,000 templates


Access control or Time and Attendance terminal.

  • reliable
  •  fast
  • Fast and accurate identification.
  • The algorithm is suitable for all types of faces.
  • Response time – less than a second
  • Up to 2000 users (faces)
  • 10,000 entries allowed (Tickets)
  • Save up to 200,000 transactions