Biometric time and attendance benefits

| 11 January, 2017

The Benefits of the Biometric time and attendance terminal are numerous and the most impotent benefits are the accurate and reliable employees time management. Many organization looking for biometrics technology for employee’s time management:

Individual time tracking,

The biometric technology identifies the employees by scanning his individual fingerprint template.


A fingerprint templates cannot be duplicated and therefor the time recording is accurate.

Buddy punching:

Prevent buddy punching that is illegal.

Eliminates time theft:

Thanks to the accurate employees time recording that prevent time theft that could be when using the old technology of card swipe.

Extra time:

Thanks to the biometric time recording, employee can be more confidence at the time recording when working extra hour


The company gain their profits by raising productivity rates and by prevent losing money because of poor tracking and practices.


Integrate with HR and Pay-roll systems.


Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that “SYNEL start developing the biometric solution ten years ago and today Synel is leading as a manufacturer of biometric terminals.


  • Linux-based fingerprint for Time & Attendance and Door Access.
  • Built in camera and a speaker.
  • Expanded memory
  • Up to 3,000 or 10,000 templates