Biometric time and attendance hardware

| 23 August, 2016

Synergy terminal from Synel MLL PayWay is the leading online Biometric terminal for employees Time management.

Synergy terminal operating system using the reliable Linux open source framework and open source liberties for Linux / Java developers.

The terminal from Synel has developed Time and Attendance using any type of cards readers and biometric technology. The terminal including more useful elements such as:

  • Color screen and speaker for generating various sound effects for confirmation and rejections alert.
  • Internal camera 1.3 megapixel, for high security transaction saving, in use by many clients to keep the rejected swipe or when employees reporting for meal coupon.
  • Any type of reader: including Magnetic, or Bar-code or any contact less cards reader such as: HID, Mifare, standard RF cards and may other.
  • Web service technology HTTP/HTTPS protocols compatible.
  • TCP/IP and GPRS.
  • Internal relay for door control

The Synergy terminal is fully applicable by Synel software such as Harmony and Sy-Bridge, the terminal will update his application by connecting to the net and open communication session with the On-Line software

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SYNERGY advanced time and attendance terminals