clients looking for Cloud and Smartphone solutions

| 05 January, 2017

social networks and google analytics confirm that must of most internet online traffic comes fromsmartphone users.

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel International Marketing Vice President, said that over the past years most of our new clients have chosen SYNEL‘s technology thanks to our Cloud and Smartphone solutions.


Synel Mll Payway Ltd. Developing and producing workforce management systems ion and the only company with overall organization solution. Today Synel have the best solution in the cloud market that including:


Internet remote uploading, feeding, control and viewing attendance data. System Advantages:

  • Employees can display and edit attendance data;
  • Managers can approve or deny employees updating request;
  • Department/branch managers are updated online;
  • Periodical email alerts of missing attendance data;
  • Monthly email reminder for data submission.
DashBoard Pie


Time & attendance and Access Control Application Reporting is performed via smartphone or tablet and interfaces directly and fully to SYNEL’s HARMONY system.

System Advantages :

  • Reporting includes employee’s photo and location;
  • Various reporting options;
  • Absence request;
  • Flexible planning;.
  • Access Control management;
  • Available for Apple and Android devices.