cloud attendance software

| 18 July, 2017

HARMONY cloud for employee online time and attendance management system. the Harmony cloud from Synel MLL PayWay LTD is a cloud base system with an online workforce management software that allows an online access using any web browser, in accordance with manager or employee designated permission level.

Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing. Mr. Erez Buganim, says that the Harmony cloud enables employees using the internet web browser to login any time and view the previous attendance reporting data, anywhere any time.

Employee may update the missing attendance data and inform the system for his future absence, in the end of the period the employee can check his previous attendance and confirm his attendance report.

Managers will be informed at any changes that made by the employee’s and will have to confirm, for example employee missing attendance reporting, in the end of the period the manager will have to confirm the employee’s attendance report and the report will be directed to the payroll system.

the Harmony cloudfrom Synel designed for small, medium and large companies.

The attendance software is very flexible and user friendly and easy to learn