direct and indirect benefits of HARMONY workforce

| 14 November, 2016

When considering the direct and indirect benefits of a time and labor management solution, based on benchmark data of actual deployments here some primary areas where organizations gain benefits from working with HARMONY workforce solution:

1. reducing the Payroll Error Rate: Overpayments due to errors in data entry, applying pay rules, etc.

2. Payroll Employees: A reduction in force in the payroll department.

3. improving the total Payroll Processing Time: Less time spent producing manual checks, entering data, reviewing time cards, and so on.

4. Leave Time: Without accurate leave tracking employees take more vacation, sick time, etc., than permitted.

5. Labor Reporting: With more accurate reporting many organizations reduce the amount of overtime. Organizations also spend less time and money creating these reports.

6. Payroll Inflation: Organizations often pay extra hours due to inaccuracy of an honor system.

7. Time card savings: Organizations no longer need to buy, fill out, ship, archive, and retrieve time cards. Virtually all companies save something; occasionally firms have significant savings.

8. Payroll Fees: Organizations usually receive reduced costs from outside agencies when they automate their time and labor management systems.