eleventh Club Launch- NEW WEBSITE

| 14 November, 2017

the eleventh club – club of the leading Israelis companies CEOs in their field.


Club eleventh members will enjoy unusual fun experiences and personal relationships forum of limited top administrative in Israel, which aims to create business the opportunities and share ideas among CEOs club members. During the event, the guests meet the club members and enjoyed a fascinating lecture by Dr. Haim Shapira, an expert in game theory and the chef’s meal and concludes on signal awarded them a club member XI. Club members participated in the event: ISS Israel CEO, Managing Director Amelia Cosmetics, CEO Fritz, Ophir Tours Owner, CEO of the Grand Hotels, CEO of Human Solutions Implementation, CEO Tlaol contact center, call center owners Emun. To watch the video review of Club Launch Event XI of SYNEL, click on the link Club event video