End of 2015 Payroll Accounting Seminar

| 28 December, 2015

On Thursday 17.12.2015, SYNEL held an End of year seminar on legal and practical updates for payroll accountants, HR managers and CFOs (17.12.2015) in Tel Aviv. On this occasion we launched SYNEL’s new service – SYNEL Pension Division.

This event had an impressive presence of over 100 participants including SYNE’s customers and many external guests and self-employed professionals.

Among the speakers were Mr. Rejwan Ghraib – Former Senior Deputy of the Treasury Commissioner, who expanded on the reform in pension savings regime, and Mr. Miki Ben-Dov who provided an overview on state legislation and secondary legislation on labor law and the presentation of national extension orders. Lastly, CPA Simon Nizard prepared the audience for the end of 2015 and briefed them on income tax and national insurance updates.

Those that missed it (and those who attended) have the opportunity to watch a recorded review-article of the event [watch the video]

At this special seminar, – SYNEL launched SYNEL Pension Division under the direction of Mr. Ilan Regev, a former senior manager at Clal Insurance company. The pension reform will come into effect on 01.01.2016. SYNEL Pension Division will provide SYNEL’s Payroll-handling service customers, via SYNEL’s payroll systems (HARMONY wages and powerful salary) – files generation and pension clearance for a fixed price of 8NIS) plus VAT) per employee per month – regardless of the employee’s salary level, while the commercial pension branch handlers – under the subordination pension law, are committed to a minimum 10.50 NIS plus tax, or 0.6% of the deposit amount, the higher between the two.

SYNEL transition to the pension service is simple. All customers that SYNEL provides pension handling service to can sign an agreement with Synel, at any time and month during the year. This service is not a conditional commitment to SYNEL periodically so those who choose to return the commercial pension branch handlers, can do so easily.

For more information about SYNEL Pension Division click here or write to us at market@synel.co.il or call to 09-7750454.