For the first time in Israel ! – SY-Face is installed in a leading Israeli company

| 16 May, 2012

SY-Face Facial recognition software – An Access Control and Attendance system based on innovative face technology will be installed by Synel for Algat.

Synel Industries, a world and local Israeli leader in workforce management system, access control system, and HR solutions, has announced that it will supply to Algat its SY-Face – the most unique system of its kind based on the innovative face recognition technology.

Algat is the leading Israeli service provider for aluminum finishing and processes for aircraft, military, space, car, and other high technology industries. In the past, the company was making use of a biometric fingerprint identification attendance system made by another manufacturer, which had failed to operate properly.

The company looked for a different biometric solution that would not involve human contact, and after a successful pilot installation – the first of its kind in Israel with the SY-Face system – during which the system operated with 100% identification rate with complete satisfaction, Alaget decided to purchase the Synel SY-Face system.

SY-Face facial recognition terminal features:

  • A unique algorithm for an almost perfect identification, even if that person puts on or loses weight or ages with time
  • Can handle up to 1,500 users, over 150,000 records, 70,000 images
  • Suitable for operation in the dark
  • Is designated for attendance and access control applications in various size  organizations

algat1 algat2

Gabi Buganim, founder, owner, and CEO of Synel Group:
“The SY-Face technology has several meaningful benefits: it is accurate, user friendly, hygienic with no human physical contact, and is considerably cheaper in comparison with other facial recognition system technologies. We thank Algat for choosing Synel’s SY-Face
system and are convinced that this system will grant them the most reliable and
accurate solution in the market for attendance and access control reporting”.

Mr. Eyal Ofek, Algat’s HR manager, says:
“When we initially started working with the system, we were hoping to reach a 90% success rate in employees’ identification. The SY-Face system gave the precise answer to our needs and purchasing it was the most natural decision to make”.