GPRS Time and attendance terminal

| 08 March, 2017

Synergy is time and Attendance terminal that developed by Synel Mll PayWay LTD, the Synergy using the known Linux operating system and available with GSM SIM Card.

Synel provides advanced communication solutions between systems integrated into an organization’s communication infrastructure and remote terminals. This implemented via GSM (modem-to-modem) and GPRS communication – a mobile data service for transferring IP protocols via cellular communication.

Communication with terminals via GPRS is far more complicated than other communication methods. This technology uses a cellular network to create a secure customer designated network. Therefore unless all system components are accurately defined, the communication between the PC  at customer site, which is connected to a local network on one end, and a remote terminal linked to a cellular network, on the other end, cannot take place.

Synergy compatible with entire Synel software:

  • Harmony- the leading Workforce management modular software read more about Harmony
  • Sy-Bridge – Online Communication software from Synel that cover all the available communication type (TCP/HTTP/GPRS/Modem and more) read more about Sy-Bridge

The Synergy support security protocol (IEEE 802.1X) with the exclusive ID authentication that equipped with a certificate issued by the authentication server.