Harmony cloud managers tools

| 18 September, 2016

Harmony cloud from Synel Mll Payway LTD. Is the useful managers tool with attractive time dashboard that presenting the summery of the totals time management in real-time.

Harmony cloud with wide range of modules and solutions, designed for small to medium companies that looking for integrated time and attendance system with other company requirements, Harmony modules including:

  • Time and attendance
  • Employees working time scheduling
  • Job management
  • Meals management

Harmony cloud presenting in real time the manager front panel that include the following time management tools:

Hour’s distribution:

Presenting the department / company, total worked and absence time.

Request Distribution

Presenting how many Pending employees request available and the request he already Approved / Denied

Projects totals for manager.

Presenting projects total time that his group worked at each project

Standard Vs. actual work time for manager.

Presenting total group working time, how many time the employees he manage worked against the expected working time.

DashBoard Pie