Harmony cloud new dashboard

| 09 May, 2016

Harmony NGHarmony cloud by Synel MLL PayWay LTD, is the advanced workforce management system, one of the world’s most innovative that integrate employees data which registered one time only and applied across all system modules. The new generation of Harmony with many useful modules that will improve you organization time plan and time manage and now from everywhere anytime.

DashBoard Pie

One of the significate improvements is the user front panel that designed for any user in the organization according to his time management needs Employee’s login will be able to check the total time and missing time they did in the past period Managers will be able to check the department or organization total time and missing time in the past period. The useful dashboard designed to give the most important data for any manager in the organization for the time his group performed or missing, this useful data in the past demand many calculation and time spend. At Synel we know that the valuable organization source is the time, and therefore in Harmony we highlight the organization summery When the manager login to the New Harmony the first screen, the front panel he will get his department the following total time pie and volume. This panel can be designed for group of managers or individual and will present the manager required time summery pie and tables.


Hour’s distribution: Let the manage watch his department / company, total worked time and total absence hours distribution Request Distribution Let the manager see how many Pending employees request against the request he already Approved / Denied request disribution Standard Vs. actual work time for manager. One of the important tool that view the total group working time, this toll is very powerful and give the manager information about his employees how many time they worked against the time expected work time. Red side bellow the expected working time, at the green side more then expected. standard actual work time Projects totals for manager. Very important toll for managers and departments that reporting Projects, this simple pie let the manager watching the time his group worked at each project projects total