Harmony Employees shift Scheduling module

| 18 January, 2018

Mr. Erez Buganim, Synel Deputy CEO & VP, Business Development & Marketing said that HARMONY work schedule module from Synel MLL PayWay LTD. Is one of the attractive modules for Employees time tracking and work scheduling,

organization that planning employees working time will find this module very attractive that will save precious time for planning and organizing Employees shifts and jobs.

Work schedule module developed for employees working and assignment plan settings and maximize the organization human resource by planning effective time plan and Employees shifts and jobs.

Using Harmony work schedule module, managers can plan and organize employees weekly working time and assign the employee for specific project and even associate to a different work rule on a particular day. During time editing manager may displays the employee skills, qualifications and limitations and even consider employees absence plan

This module available for any Internet browser and cloud computing, can be installed at the customer’s server

Harmony may interfaces with any HR and payroll software using the build in interface panel that let import and export to csv and txt files format.


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