Harmony Meals module

| 21 March, 2017

Synel MLL PayWay top of the art software – Harmony with the cost-effective Meals management module. Harmony the workforce and time and attendance management system is a modular software that suitable for any client size and type.

One of the most effective module for companies that pay for the employee’s meals is HARMONY meals module.  This module is ideal for meals and restaurant coupon management.

Using this module the employees should reporting at the attendance terminal “synergy” when they leave for a meal break (breakfast, lunch, dinner and other meals), the attendance terminal – Synergy will print the meal coupon.

The benefits of the meals module management are:

  • Check the employee meal permission
  • On line meals request to avoid double meal request.
  • Counting Employee monthly meals
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly counters.
  • Counting the entire organization meals per type and per restaurant
  • Reporting to the restaurant how many meals coupon reported at the last month
  • Manage available Meal Types (breakfast, lunch, dinner, light meal, vegetarian, sandwiches)
  • Manage contractors that provide the meals
  • Rate meals preferences
  • Forecast of preferred meals
  • Define meal rules per employee
  • Terminals from which data is received
  • Calculate meals cost for the company / employee / guest / per contractor
  • Meal Module reports

The meals management module is cost effective solution for organization that share or pay the employees meals, many Synel client reported that they save money using this module by very simple action of reporting the exact meals in the previous month and by blocking double meals request by unauthorized employees.