Harmony Time and Attendance

| 13 February, 2017

HARMONY software from Synel Mll PayWay ltd. Is a modular workforce management system with a comprehensive organization time management including absence management and exporting the total time calculation to payroll system.

Harmony software developed as Modular system and Applications

•         Time & Attendance and payroll export

•         Shop Floor control module

•         Cost center / Job costing

•         Meals management

•         Access Control module

•         Visitors management

•         Vehicles management

•         Badge production

•         Web interface

Harmony software designed to be Integrated System for Managing al Employees’ Activities

Harmony advantages:

•         One system under one roof

•         Online data display for users in work station or attendance terminal

•         Online validity checks for access control, job reports and attendance purposes

•         Online validity checks for Attendance, access control and production

•         Internet use for connecting to report system and report production

•         Cards and smart card production.

•         Ability for adjust to daylight savings

•         View the attend and absence employees on site

•         Reducing the amount of errors and mistakes

•         User-friendly interface

•         Decrease of manual work in the organization

System Characteristics

•         Database based on MSSQL2008/MSSQL2012 ( 64 BIT )

•         Client server

•         Real time system

•         Online validity checks

•         Web-based reporting system

•         Dynamic interface enabling personal adjustments

•         Flexible menu system enabling personal adjustments

•         Smart email notification

•         Powerful real-time reporting engine

•         PDF, HTML, Excel printing options

•         Five employee connectivity levels

•         Highly sophisticated identification system, ensuring ultimate accuracy:

        – Fingerprint

        – Contact/Contactless smartcard

        – Proximity

        – Magnetic

        – Barcode

Working Online enables minimization of errors

•         Full online system, enabling viewing employee presence/absence in real time

•         Multi-factory system

•         Flexible work agreements and parameters

•         Supports multiple calendar formats

•         System includes 5 employee connectivity levels: zone, factory, section, department and job center, which can be adjusted according to clients’ requirements

•         Dynamic authorization system for reports, screens and subjects, including authorization for reading or reading/writing into a table

•         System includes basic attendance reports, and an option for producing new reports based on them

•         Flexible options for import and export of files; option for importing balance from external payroll program

Work/Budget Agreements

•         Multiple agreement types

•         Advanced user interface

•         Price handling of transactions between branches and departments

•         Handling of Sunday jobs, shifts and exceptions

•         Outputs in TXT, HTML, PDF and EXCEL formats

•         Interfaces with other systems – payroll, ERP

VP of Synel Mall Payway LTD. Mr. Erez Buganim, says that HARMONY is a comprehensive tool that improve organizations precision and efficiency in the workforce management, thanks to the online data view of the employee working time for Project management, attendance totals and absence.