Harmony visitor Module

| 31 May, 2016

Harmony is a modular workforce management software from Synel MLL Payway LTD.

Synel is one of the only companies that develop and manufacture of attendance and Access control solutions for SME or as complementary solution together with many other available module. When working with Harmony Access control module one of the useful module is the Visitor Management System.

Harmony visitors module help organization view the visitors report at any time, including the visitor hosting contact details and the visitor permission inside the building.

Harmony visitors let the guard and managers (that have permission) to plan their visitors by sending the date, time and visitor information including permission and even car parking permission, the detailed sent automatically to the Harmony database and the guard is informed when the visitors comes and the actions that he should do, for example call the host to pick the visitor or give him card with permission and even let him get in with his car.

Part of the Harmony visitors module there are some other modules which allow -Badge production for any type of badge, Parking module is also available as part of the Access Control and will allow visitors parking permissions.

Synel MLL Payway is a leading Access Control developer and our Visitor Management System meet the requirements of small, Medium or large organizations. To learn more about HARMONY’s visitor Management System