How to create a Payroll file

| 18 January, 2016

The advanced Input and Output Interfaces in Harmony

Harmony the leading time and attendance systems from Synel MLL PayWay use’s an advanced import and export feature, using this feature for basic employee data importing and exporting periodic Time & Attendance data to payroll or ERP software

The Interfaces available in Harmony System Def.
the setup is simple and friendly and doesn’t require any technical or payroll skills, all you need to know is the import and export file format, fields and length.

In this interface you may select any fields from Harmony DB

The payroll interface can work together with other payroll software of the following kinds:

Payroll symbol method-Each separate row is dedicated to a different hour type and a numerical classification that is used as a payment code.

Network method- A scheme on which each employee has one row designed according to a predefined order, set in that software.