How to create an exceptions report

| 24 January, 2016

How to create an exceptions time and attendance report

Harmony the most user  friendly time and attendance software by Synel MLL PayWay. Using an advanced reports generator, the basic reports can be edited and modify according to the client needs.

The Exceptions Report includes all exceptional employees’ attendance reporting for the specific period. Exceptions are unique and are determined in the employee work rule.

The Time Card report presents daily data and a monthly total per employee. It can be submitted to employees to review and approve.
Some of the exceptions type:

  • A task swipe is missing — the missing task swipes.
  • Exit time must be earlier than task end time– The task end time before reporting Exit.
  • No longer with company– The employee is no longer working at the company.
  • Awaiting manager’s approval– The record has yet to receive manager’s approval.
  • Absence — When an employee fails to clock the card on a certain work day.
  • Missing Swipe — The employee was at work but did not clock the card.
  • Long Break — Total break time exceeds the time indicated in the Work Rule.

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